Is a who or what the biggest contaminant in your cleanroom?

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One of the greatest contamination control problems in a cleanroom is that people are in themselves a contaminant. Research suggests in terms of particle contaminants humans shed 0.001 - 0.003 ounces of skin flakes every hour and lose an average of 50 to 100 hairs from the head per day as well as a number of eyelashes.

Particulate and bacteriological contaminants can have an impact on many aspects of business, interrupting production, reducing product yields and in serious cases, ruining reputations. Therefore, an optimal cleanroom contamination control solution is essential for every company operating in a cleanroom environment. Berendsen Cleanroom Services aim to be a contamination control partner for many industries and provide solutions to this problem. 

Berendsen Cleanroom Services extensive range of validated cleanroom garments include coveralls, hoods and boots that are formulated from material which has effective particle filtration to contain viable particles from the wearer plus they have twin needled seams to further avoid any seepage. 

A variation of the basic cleanroom garments is a BeMicron suit which uses a hand tab system for gowning. In donning tests with fluorescein-contaminated hands there was a total lack of contamination on the front surface of the BeMicron suit. The BeMicron can reduce gowning time to 30 seconds, which offers significant time-saving against the usual 5-10 minutes a number of times a day while still offering peace of mind that the contamination control from wearers/operators is not compromised.

In many instances the surface resistivity and ability of a fabric to pass an electrical charge through it is a factor and the Berendsen cleanroom garments have a grid formulation woven into the fabric to allow for electrostatic dissipation, plus BeMicron has an ESD range.

The thermal disinfection process during laundering, with the addition of an antimicrobial agent ensures a high level of disinfection. The additional process of gamma irradiation provides the ultimate sterility assurance. As this process does not produce heat or moisture there is no heat stress or condensate drainage required. Most importantly, there is no residual radioactivity after irradiation.

The Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST) recommends that garments used in cleanrooms meet Category I particle cleanliness derived from the Helmke Tumble test. The classification table describes cleanliness categories in size ranges of 0.3 microns and 0.5 microns, and to put this in context the width of a human hair is typically 75 microns. Berendsen test a garment from each laundered batch to ensure these high standards are being maintained.

Each sector has different contamination control needs be it those of the NHS, pharmaceutical, aseptic manufacturing or electronics industry - this is why Berendsen don’t offer a ‘one solution fits all’ policy. The Account Managers listen to the issues, learn about the industry and challenges faced and then offer the correct solution.

Berendsen Cleanroom Services handle everything from purchasing, stocking, and decontaminating to replacing, maintaining, and delivering all cleanroom solutions. They provide 360° cleanroom contamination control solutions for all customers. With decades of experience within the cleanroom industry they are the optimal partner for you and all services are integrated into a total solution, and combine to form and support a long-lasting partnership.


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